Justice For Alex

In loving memory of our Alex Zaldivar 09.10.2012

I want you to look at me and remember me not for who I am. Tonight, I am the voice of Alex’s
parents, Ralph and Kyoko. I speak for them, and for the Zaldivar Family, and this is a true honor you have given me. I am overwhelmed by this tragedy we are facing. The idea of not having Alex share our days with us causes affliction and this suffering drains us emotionally and physically. It is only through the power of Love and God that we can find the drive to look for ways to continuously live with Alex, although he is now in Heaven.

I will ask you for one more thing: Understand that energy is, many times, invisible to the naked eye. However, it is this way that souls communicate. Souls that are here on Earth, and souls that are in the Spiritual World. The energy you are bringing into this room tonight is so powerful, and I want you to understand that Alex can feel it. Never cease to communicate with him, just as we are doing now, and thank you, for doing so. We thank you, and Alex thanks you.

And at 11 months of age, Alex left Japan to move to Florida, where he, his brother and parents spent almost 10 years living close to their Cuban family over here. His parents called him one of the most obedient children. Well, of course obedience doesn’t equal the natural curiosity of a young child, and when Alex was around 3 years old, he decided to eat a Christmas ornament. His Mom carefully cleaned up the mess, making sure young Alex wouldn’t get hurt, but overall, Alex never got into trouble! Being such a good listener made him also a good piano player, and Alex started playing the piano when he was 4 years old. He also learned how to play golf when he was 4, but would, later on, find lots of joy in playing soccer and basketball.

His parents and older brother truly enjoyed having Alex in their lives, and so did his extended family and close friends. Since little, he was helpful and kind, compassionate and respectful. He was funny and joyous, yet calm and sensitive. His parents have a beautiful way to express Alex’s caring heart; they say Alex feels our feelings! He never wanted to hurt or offend anyone, and when asked which parents he preferred, he would always say “Both!”. Alex would pick flowers from their garden, and after playing outside, he would gently give them to his Mom. In 3 rd grade, Alex saved his money to buy his Mom a special birthday gift, and so it was, throughout the years. He insisted on giving from the heart, and his thoughtfulness was never overlooked. Alex’s calm demeanor was a reflection of his highly emotional and sensitive character.

He was always very close to their two dogs, Sophie and Katie (whom he named), and these two pets absolutely loved and trusted Alex. All beings benefited from being close to Alex. Since very little, he was extremely close to his Mother Kyoko. He rarely separated from her, which triggered dedicated Mom Kyoko to home school Alex for his Pre-K year. It was a mutual wish, coming from Kyoko and Alex, and this early joy for learning she gave him and his brother, the many, many hours she spent teaching them about the love for learning and reading proved to be one of the biggest gifts that both boys were given by Mom Kyoko.

Alex started Kindergarten at St. Andrews catholic School, where he excelled, always making himself and his loved ones proud of always being an honor roll student! His parents remember “maybe a B” here and there, and Alex just knew that hard work and dedication could not be negotiated. Summers were spent having a lot of fun outside, and the boys appreciated the “Summer Education” afternoons their Mom prepared for them: They got books, they practiced reading, writing and learning new skills. His older brother was equally an exemplary student and his love for books and education guided Alex in understanding how valuable this was.

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