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  1. It was a great night Alex’ .we love you and miss you
    So much”.

    Love always,

  2. Alex, your light will always remain lit and shine brightly. You were amazing on earth and now glorified in Heaven. Through your parents, Rafael and Kyoko, your brother, Rafaelito your voice will be heard. Justice will be served and no one else will be a victim at their hands ever again. You will never be forgotten as this is only the beginning of a “cleaning” project to save life’s.

    Personally I will never forget the quiet, bashful little boy whose soul was pure and innocent. What a beautiful young man you grew up to be. God Bless your loved ones that continue to miss and love you so much. Until we meet again sweet boy…

  3. I will never forget you Alex. You became a sibling once you moved into our home. It was an honor getting the chance to become as close as I got to be. I miss your face, laugh, and humorous presence. I never knew what to expect to come out of your mouth, but it was always funny, or intelligent. I can’t wait until the time we will re-unite once again and reminisce old memories. I love you brother, and I just wish I could have said it on better circumstances. I no longer cry from sadness, but instead from the happiness of memories I have of you. R.I.P
    “We only part to once meet again”.

  4. Alex, you’ve impacted all lives you’ve come into contact with. how unbelievably unbearable it is to know you are not physically here to continue your work. so kind, gentle.. i knew you best as a sophomore my senior year and everyday.. never failed we’d all come together and sit at our lunch table. you never said much, but you’d listen. and when you did speak, it was something that made me laugh or think. i respected you as an individual. you knew how much i loved the beatles and said you had some beatles albums you were trying to sell but instead felt i should have them. the very next day you brought them, i was absolutely thrilled, and just kept thanking you. i carried them around the rest of the school day, so proud. another time, i dropped my phone in the toilet, ha! i was so upset and you saw. i actually began tearing up because of my stupidity, i was truly distraught. you jumped off the counter and started pouring rice in a bowl, and placed my busted phone in the center.. although it didn’t work, you tried! just simple acts of kindness, that was you. you saw the world as everyone should and i hope the people who knew you can keep such philosophies of peace and love alive, it’s possible to achieve. those that practice it may start small, but love travels. genuine love. you had that. i appreciate your existence and you will forever live on and be in my thoughts. <3

  5. It just ain’t RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Never met you but feel I know you. Your energy and spirit will live on in all of those you’ve touched while on this earth and all of those who you will continue to touch now that you are in heaven.

  6. So sad that a young man died at the hands of thugs because the justice system failed to do their jobs, negligence should be charged against them because the were well away that the criminals did not respect the laws.
    Again, the victim is victimized, I only hope the loss will not be for nothing, maybe your life will save many more by changing laws and making the system do their jobs.
    GOD Bless and sympathy for the loss.

  7. Hope Okafor gets what he deserves death..he tore apart a are a jerk and deserve the worst …RIP Alex.never met you but you deserve closure..RIP..

  8. To Alex’s Family,

    I saw this tragic story on Dr. Phil last night and had to learn more. Here I landed…and was compelled to leave a few words. Although words cannot express the comfort one seeks after losing a child, I do believe that knowing people (whom you may not even know) are praying for you, your family, Alex and now ‘Justice4Alex” can be of some comfort. The real comfort lies in seeing that Alex did not die in vain and that justice is served in this case (and many others, I hope). Finally, I think we can find comfort in memories that we don’t have captured in pictures or writings, but when unanswered things happen, such as a cool breeze, a rainbow, the glimpse of Alex in his brother’s smile or seeing his name on an envelope years down the road. These are just testaments to how we can find comfort in his memory. I pray your family can find happiness and joy again because although Alex isn’t here in physical presence, he is always here in spirit.

  9. september 10,2012
    The sun stopped shining
    my joy turned to tears and crying
    since then things were never the same
    My beloved son is gone-what a shame
    At first i felt hate
    And I wanted to kill
    All my emotions kept running at will
    I was confused angry and sad
    I could’t keep quiete, I just felt so bad
    I imagned his latest minuts in life
    What did you think when you were shot by this lowlife
    Slowly I’m healing
    But yes I’m still mad
    But now in my heart I know I can be glad
    I still have my family, friends and my son
    I stay on my mission until it is done
    Justice for Alex-it’s here to stay
    Justice for Alex-will never go away

  10. I did this for the fathers and mothers grief.though its a few years ago now, my heart still goes out to the family. Be strong and keep up the fight!

  11. I saw Alex’s story on 20/20 tonight. I was so angry that a young man was murdered. He hadn’t had a chance to live yet. I came to your site and read all about Alex. What a beautiful soul he had. He touched more people in his short life than most people will in much longer lives. My heart aches for the family and friends of precious Alex. Bless you all.

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